Hi Everyone,

Iím happy to announce my online course at Musicianís Institute! Itís a 10 week program which I put together with Stig Mathisen, head of the guitar department. Itís a great value for 10 videos, plus 10 hours of live online classes:

I still have the videos I did for private students (listed below), and I'm lowering the price on those to 75 each because they aren't made directly for the student anymore.

ē Buying is easy - just go to → PayPal
and Send to scott@scotthenderson.net
Tell me which video you want in the message section and leave your name and email.
I'll send you the video the same day using Hightail.

These lessons are recommended for advanced students - for those of you who are learning basic improvising tools and phrasing ideas, my DVD covers all that and it's only 20 bucks:
Scott Henderson: Jazz Rock Mastery

All the best,

  • Using arpeggios and triads on the song Blue and Green
  • I IV V Blues
  • Blues/fusion playing on the song Dolemite
  • Using chord tones
  • Giant steps, Rhythm changes
  • Jazz blues, chord voicings
  • Melodic minor modes
  • Minor blues, ii V I ideas
  • Modern blues phrasing, using motifs
  • Advanced dog training (still not recommended)
  • Using motifs
  • Outside playing
  • Outside playing, using motifs
  • Chord melody on the song Peace
  • Rock technique, outside playing
  • Tone
  • Improvising tools, using new ideas