HBC with Billy Cobham in Brazil

Moscow with Jeff Berlin & Lenny White

Moscow October 2014

Iridium, NYC

Guitar Night

Karlsruhe, Germany

Baked Potato Flyer 1

Baked Potato Flyer 2

La Ve Lee, LA

Royal Treatment In New Jersey

Royal Treatment In Madrid

Rio das Ostras Festival, Brazil

Hong Kong with Jeff & Dennis

HBC Live in Bangkok

Super Jazz Trio!

Good Advertising in Mumbai

Sandeep Chowta & Friends in Bangkok

Alan Hertz in Zoetermeer, Holland

Zoetermeer, Holland

Curitiba, Brazil

Big Mama Club, Rome

Shut Up and Play

Bad Lighting

Club A38, Budapest

Drummer on Fire

Free Blues Club, Poland

Matt & Scott in Budapest

Space Creature

Guitar Player Jokes

Matthew Garrison

Broken Vibrato Bar

Soundman Gives Drummer Finger

Great Gig Poster

Webmaster Alf Frimanslund

Patrizio Chiozza & Kids

Roberto Menendez

Soundman Daniele "Gec" Rossi

Tour Manager Marcello Fagnani

Tour Manager Bilo Mariotto

Bob Bradshaw Recording Live Album

The Cheap Live Cover

Surprise Guest Artist at Soundcheck

Kirk Killed in Lobby

Love Letter from Jennifer Batten

Kirk Overdoes It on Drum Solo

Queen Elizabeth Hall, London

Worst Stage Clothes Ever

Best Stage Clothes Ever

Get Out Of My Yard

Get Out!!

Check THIS out...

Rig Kicked Down in Germany
Amp Found Innocent

Spirit Of '66, Brussels

Forte Club, Moscow

Moscow Connection

Dog With a Job

Need Noiseless Pickups - Pre SSC Days

North Sea

Pedal Rack

Monkey Cage

On The Road with Marcello

Zawinul Syndicate

Ulf & Eric Wakenius

Birmingham, Alabama '73

Pure Hell Band '73

Pure Hell On The Road