Hi Friends,

My new video about guitar tone has been released!

This video took a long time to make and produce, because I wanted to be as thorough as possible. The subjects covered are guitar wood, weight, pickups, noiseless systems, volume and tone controls, bridge, tuners, types of picking and touch, staying in tune, cables, pedals, amps, amp settings, speaker cable, cabinets, speakers, microphones, mic placements, room acoustics, mic preamp, A/D conversion, virtual speakers, EQ, FX, and how to properly A/B your gear.

The purpose of the video is to help guitarists improve their tone and feel confident during the recording process, even if they don't have much experience in the studio.
There are many examples to hear, with and without backing tracks. We've included a loop of the backing tracks to make it more fun to play while dialing in your tones.

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for your support!